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  • Remuneration and Welfare
    • Salary

      Provide competitive salaries in the industry.

    • Annual bonus

      Distribution according to the overall performance of the company and performance of the staff

    • Insurance and provident fund

      Purchase social insurance and housing provident fund according to state regulations, and purchase accidental injury insurance for employees.

    • Lodging welfare

      In company,we have employee welfare canteens with 24 hours of hot water, equipped with independent toilet, air conditioner, etc.

    • Paid vacation

      Enjoy annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave and other paid holidays.

    • Stylistic Entertainment

      We own the indoor basketball court, the badminton court, organize various stylistic activities every year and organize the staff travel every year.

    • Training and education

      Provide a perfect training system for the establishment of a personalized career development channel for employees.

    • Promotion system

      Have a fair and perfect internal recruitment and selection system for the excellent staff to provide development space and growth platform.

    • Other benefits

      Festival gifts, birthday gifts, summer high temperature subsidies, annual health examination, etc.

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