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  • Quality Management
    The company strictly implements ISO9001/TS16949、QCO80000、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 and other integration management systems(certified by TUV);Products comply with ROHS/REACH/halogen-free product environmental requirements(tested by SGS).
    • QC080000

    • TS16949

    • ISO9001

    • ISO14001

    • OHSAS18001

    In June 2016, the lab of Jufei attained the accreditation from CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) . The lab is compliance with ISO/IEC I7025 international standard. It equips with advanced modern lab and more than 40 sets testing and calibration equipment. There are life testing laboratory, optoelectronic laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory and performance analysis chamber, it could test LED PKG/module in different circumstances;
    • Lifespan testingPhotoelectricity

      It has been set up based on LM-80 standard and equipped with professional LM-80 equipment, engineer can test LED life time at 55 ℃ / 85 ℃ / optional temperature,LED semi-automatic tester.

    • Photoelectricity

      It equipped with Germany IS machine, HAAS 2000 rapid test system, LED Goniophotometer and other sophisticated testing equipment.

    • Performance Analysis

      Engineer can do X-Ray NDT, T3Ster thermal transient tester , micro-surface observing, element analysis, appearance analysis and other tests in it.

    • Environmental Reliability

      It can do a lot of testing items, such as: thermal shock test, moisture resistance cyclic, high/low temperature storage test, aging test at normal temperature etc.

    • Laboratory testing range

      Photoelectricity、Lifespan testing range; Environmental Reliability testing range; Performance Analysis testing range。

    • Lab authenticate

      Lab authenticate by CNAS (No. L9128)

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