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    Meet customer demand

    With the objective of “meet customer demand”, Jufei integrates the service concept into enterprise culture and set “satisfy customer” as its enterprise value to consistently improve “customer-driven” service management system and its service level.

    Intimate service

    In 2012
    Promoted “intimate service” at customer end:
    Let customer buy with confidence, use without trouble and cooperate with joy. Provide reliable product and quality service.

    • Confidence

      industrial leading technical innovative ability and quality products will convince you to choose Jufei as your partner.

      · Grasp market trend and consistently lead edge technology

      · Launch performance superior products

      · Products with high quality and reliability

      · Continuous supply of products in use

    • without trouble

      JF LED use without trouble fast delivery and quick response will make Jufei your excellent partner

      · standard products delivered in 3 days

      · delivery products with no more than 2 Bins

      · quick response to customer

      · standard design solutions make it easy for customer to choose

      · All-round technical support and communication

    • comfort

      industrial leading technical
      ability and high-quality
      productswill make Jufei your reliable partner

      · strategic partner, mutual development

      · continuously improve customer competence

      · create value and benefit for customer

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